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Walking into Hell

I was young and trusting when I met him—a widower twice my age. He was soft-spoken and spoke kind words. How did I endure a life of unfathomable pain, loss, betrayal, and humiliation? I was treated like a common criminal more than once by the police. Being used as a perfect cover in my husband’s ‘business world’ was beyond my wildest dream. Yet against all odds, I have found the courage from within that screamed, ‘Enough is enough.’

I walked into hell and back, not once but more than twice. And each time, I got stronger and vowed to tell my story of the power of love and hope and redemption—the sweet and gentle love who never gave up on me. I promise to share my life to the world to give you a piece of my heart that will give you the will and strength to fight to start a new life. It is never too late.

You will find out the twists and turns that occur in what was a very normal, respectable family on the outside. Behind closed doors, another life was being played out.